Welcome to Amy Lou Illustrations. Amy Lou is the artist running the show. She’s a mum of two kids, so even more tired and grumpier than usual.

Here you’ll find the stuff she considers her best and favourite work. Random doodles and other bits and bobs are all on her Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook.

Amy Lou draws mostly using ink, markers and no sense of neatness. She plans to use more watercolour and ink wash in the future. Anything messy and unpredictable is right up her alley.

For now, she’s using this time to find herself, and improve her skills, but in the future,  she sees herself working somewhere with books or media. She loves both, and even video games but she’s not cool enough–nor does she have the time–to be a gamer warrior. That doesn’t stop her from admiring the artwork and world building involved in designing games. That love and passion also includes movies and TV shows.

Her blog is pretty varied in content, mostly a collection of mind vomit she needs to get out there. But she does try to stick to the artsy topics, delving out to her love of books and writing (she has a bookstagram too because life isn’t busy enough, right?),  as well as family life, health, fitness, living with a fibro (fibromyalgia) warrior. She also dabbles in calligraphy, and doesn’t like to admit how addicted she is to Pinterest.

If you’d like to say ‘Hi!’, have a request or question, please feel free to contact her via the contact form, email her at amylouillustrations@gmail.com or you can message her on her social media pages.

Thanks for stopping by!



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