2017 Here We Come! 

Artwork credit: Adele K Thomas
So for me personally,  2016 was not a drag. A lot has happened and it has been mostly positive. I mean I’m alive… barely thanks to yet another goddamn cold. 

Speaking of, this year may be my record for the most amount of illnesses I’ve sustained in twelve whole months. Silver lining. 

I’ve also improved dramatically in my art and my ability to organise stuff. Still working on both but yay. 

And I’m getting my workout game on. It’s been on and off. Mostly off, but the realisation that shit has to change has really changed my mindset this year. I even do yoga in the morning. And I get up EARLIER to do that. Never have I done that before. 

So what do I want to bring to 2017? Keeping my kids happy and alive is obviously the first most important thing. 

Then there’s the art. I want to do more. Practice more. Digital art more. Fan art more. Art concept and vis dev more. Just more. I want to learn and get better. I’m hoping I’ll be ready to try out animation at some point, but I’m not naïve when it comes to the amount of time and energy that will require. Both of which I currently lack. But it’s a goal I have set for the future so that’s something. 

Then there’s the languages. *Facepalm*. I’ve been around Farsi for like ten years and I still have the vocabulary of a five year old. That’s probably being kind. So I plan to spend a lot more time learning and sticking to it. Apps are tedious for the fact that I’m not a beginner, but neither am I advanced. So I have to sorta suck it up and sift through the words I do know in the hopes I’ll make it to the ones I don’t. I’ll be sharing my favourite apps/learning sources for those of you who are interested in learning Farsi/Persian and aren’t sure where to go. The language doesn’t have as many sources out there as say, Spanish. So we need all the help we can get.

And writing. More of that. More blogging. Neither is a requirement. It’s merely one of those ‘I want to do while I can’ things. But they’re on the back burner for the other more important stuff. 

And lastly, books. Readinggggg. I love reading  though I consider myself a sporadic bookworm. So I’ll spend a whole month devouring books like an obsessive addict, and then nothing for another month or MONTHS. That’s normal for me. I intend to keep it more regular as my TBR pile is ridiculously mountainous. I’ve even made yet MORE Pinterest boards for my love of reading. Seasonal reads especially.

So here’s to a new year. With most probably disappointment, but when there’s so much to do, the best thing I’ve learnt is to prioritise! 

Enjoy the rest of your holidays, folks. 

See you in the new year with yet more confusing mixed content. But whatever,  it’s my blog and I’ll cry/write random crap if I want to. 

*struts away*

*hums* Cry if I want to, cryyyy if I want too. You would cry too if it happened to you…

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