Inktober is here! 

Woohoooooooooo *drags into spooky ghost noise*
Last year was the first time I’d done Inktober (well DONE is an exaggeration as I barely managed a couple of drawings and enjoyed seeing other artists work over doing my own) –before last year,  I’d never even heard of it and had no clue what it was. 

If you don’t know, Inktober is an event for artists in October to get out their ink pens and draw a doodle a day. It has to be in ink, though colour is allowed as long as it is also using ink. 

This year, I’ve been using my trusty Faber Castell artist pens and following prompts from both Inktober’s official Instagram page and artist Ahmed Aldoori’s page. You can draw whatever you like,  there’s no rules on that. Just some people like to use prompts that are given. I like it because I can really get creative and do things I wouldn’t normally do. 

It’s been fun so far. It encourages the daily doodle where possible. And I’m also learning more as I go. 

If you haven’t started and would like to, it’s not too late. You don’t have to draw every day either. But getting involved makes you feel like you’re part of something awesome. You feel the community spirit and it also increases chances of getting more traffic to your page. 

Check me out over at @amylouillustrations. And jump on the Inktober train!  

*choo chooooooo*


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