Instagram: Why the f#ck is my lifestyle account doing better than my art account? 

What mockery is this? 

Fuck the injustice of this. 

Fuck how unfair it is that I work much harder per artwork than I do per photo. 

Fuck. All of it. 

Okay so it’s not a big deal.  I’m not angry. *eye twitch *

No really, it’s cool. I think the problem is that I sometimes try too hard on my art account. And when you try hard to create something beautiful, spending an average of two hours on a piece including all the fiddly uploading, editing, hash tags and posting–and then on the other end, you barely spend five minutes snapping a pic, editing,  hash tagging and then posting, it does seem a bit unfair. Unbalanced in the work to follower ratio. 

I’ve posted about fifteen pics on my lifestyle/health/food/fitness/mum life account and I’ve increased from the 119 followers I had from two years ago (before putting the account on hold) to 134. And yes that may sound like nothing but considering the short time frame and the number of posts,  I’m almost getting a follower per post and a high like count per post too.  
Yet,  it takes me much longer to increase followers on my art account. I swear I’ve been in the 240s for–like–ever. 

Okay,  I haven’t been that active these past few weeks but does that really mean I should still be so low? And even worse DECREASING? Considerably. Why do people follow me if they unfollow me a few days later? I’m not going to follow you for a follow.  I know you’ll unfollow me later on,  and frankly,  I only follow profiles I actually LIKE. Fuck. Off.  

More on that in a later post. I think it needs a whole post to hold my ranting on that subject. 

This Instagram experience has been enlightening and fun.  I started the art account with no idea where I would take it,  and it seems that I’m still not quite in my element. It’s a place where I bare all. My practices, studies, failures and successes as I learn about my craft. I do understand that a page is meant to grab the audience and encourage people to follow you because you have something to offer. Despite the fact I’m learning as I go and I have a lot more to learn, I can at least say that I’m naturally talented thanks to my Dad and Granddad. My skills just need polishing up. And my niche will come. 

With that in mind, I’m able to allow myself more and more to post without fear and with full freedom. It sounds silly doesn’t it? But it is pretty common for people to not do or post something because they’re afraid of what their followers will think. 

I’m going to go with the same mindset as I have with my lifestyle account. I’ll treat it like a photo storage. A place to dump my favourite, high quality pics for my own enjoyment. If people like it, or follow me for more,  who cares? I think I spend too much time caring what others think-despite knowing it is wrong and I shouldn’t. Of course I value opinions when it helps me to better understand what works and what doesn’t,  but at the end of the day,  this is my page,  my learning journey, and I should post what feels right, what helps me progress and if I’m enjoying it then sooner or later,  others will too. 

It is really wonderful to gain a following and know that they love your work and it hurts when you aren’t getting that, well, not as much as you’d like anyway. I’m not pretending I don’t care, otherwise why would I post this? But, in truth,  it SHOULDN’T matter. And when you have that mindset that it’d be nice but you don’t really care either way,  you suddenly find you’re getting followers and likes. I guess the low expectations help to increase the surprise you feel when your page picks up. This is how I need to be and I recommend it to all. Even those with tons of followers. Because that is also daunting, more so than not having many followers to please. 

You can check me out on both my accounts at:

@amylounaturiful -lifestyle account

@amylouillustrations -art account

Enjoy your week, folks. I’ll be back soon. Until next time…  


*adjusts goggles*

*jumps out of plane*


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