I won a prize from the SKETCHFIT challenge by artist Ahmed Aldoori. Huzzah!

drawin__faces_vid_by_medders-d9jvzpg (1)

Artwork credit: Ahmed Aldoori

Remember the SKETCHFIT challenge? No? No idea what I’m talking about?

*gives you the stink eye*

Just kiddin’. Read it here. Then you’ll know what I’m on about.



So, the gist was (just for those lazy bastards who didn’t read my VERY short post about it) that you have twelve weeks to get fit, achieve a personal fitness goal that you talk about in your introduction video (mine was to fit into a certain pair of jeans) along with before pics. Then you get involved in the lovely community, post written or video updates, support each other. And at the end do a final video along with after pics and then lovely artist, Ahmed Aldoori and his family go through the entries and decide who should win.

I didn’t win, but as one of the few who made it to the end, I’m soon to have ownership of one of his drawings! Gingerbouf A.K.A Kat was the winner and she absolutely deserved it!

It was more than just a fitness challenge. It was mental, it was achieving something that is personal to you. For her, it was her painful insecurity even on camera. She changed so much and we’re all so proud of her.

For me, it was about kicking my arse into gear and losing the weight I’ve hauled around with me more or less since my early teens. I’m done being ‘just that little bit fat’.


I lost weight from the challenge, but I didn’t put in 100%, which is sad. But it has motivated me to continue it and improve on it. I have already and I want this to be the last time I ever give up! Sure, I expect knock backs as with anything in life, but I want to get back on that saddle again as soon as I fall off. Not cower in a corner for a month or two until I look in the mirror and ask myself, “What the f*ck have I become?”

I totally recommend getting stuck into challenges like these. They’re so hard, mentally and physically, and they open doors you have bolted shut for so long, and facing what’s inside is scary and upsetting, but it makes you realise what you want. You want to be strong and better. And that’s something you should push yourself to do with anything in life. Career, relationships, fitting into those gorgeous jeans you saw the other day.

You can watch the final video of all the entries who made it through to the end and posted their final videos. Yes, I’m there too.

Anyone else working out? How’s it going? How do YOU keep yourself motivated?


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