Colour Challenge Update – May : Green


I guess it’s kinda May is green, right? I’ve dabbled in other colours like I said in a previous post but I tried to use a fair amount of green this month.

For those of you who don’t understand my rambling, I initially planned for the colour challenge to be monthly, but then decided to stop just using that one colour for all my artwork in that month and have fun with it. Not take it too seriously, but still try to dish out a few pieces in that month’s colour. So far I’ve done red, orange, yellow and now green. I started in February and the aim of the challenge, which is a personal challenge FYI, is to learn and develop my art. And boy have I.

This end of month update is all about talking about how the month went, what I learnt, what I did and then showing off my creations.

This month was great for me. I didn’t get to do as much as I wanted, but I still drew quite a lot. I’ve fallen back in love with traditional art after being so determined and caught up in digital art. I know digital art is my weakness, because it’s fairly new to me and I’m still learning so much. But I have come so far already.

I also treated myself to some Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens, and I’m planning to do a review of them. Maybe even as a video! Shock shock HORROR.

The artist pens are waterproof Indian (India?) ink, and I just love how the ink moves on a wet washed paper. They’re also lovely just as they are with some decent paper and a pen. So I had a lot of fun with them this month and I can safely say that ink pens are one of my favourite mediums.

My big revelation as I was drawing this month was to not be scared to use a reference to create my artwork, and to continue to draw from life, images etc. in order to better understand the world around me and how it works, and then how to draw it. I just kept thinking that it was somehow cheating, but I’ve come to see that it isn’t because I’m interpreting what I see in my own unique way and that’s what art essentially is.

So that made things easier for me because as soon as I started drawing from life and pictures, whilst putting my own twist on it and changing things so it wasn’t like the reference as well, my drawings dramatically improved.

I also discovered that my weakest area (well, one of them) which is gesture drawing suddenly didn’t look half bad after I watched this vid and this vid on YouTube by Sycra and this vid by Proko. Plus several other ones.

Speaking of YouTube videos, I want to make a collection of some of my favourite and most illuminating videos that I’ve seen on YouTube so far. The fact that art students who went to school for several years can say ‘I learnt more in this video than in all my years at art school’ is saying something.

Anyhoo, not only did I learn a great deal about gesture drawing, I’ve also greatly improved on my colour and light skills. I absolutely love drawings that use colour and light really effectively, so that you can really feel the mood, almost taste that Spring evening air and feel the emotions of the characters in the scene. It’s great, and it’s like a character all its own.

I have a longgggg way to go to being competent–let alone skilled–in these areas, but I’m enjoying learning as I go, and I feel like my style is really coming through. I’ve heard words from fans like ‘whimsical’, ‘alive’ and ‘cute’. That makes me feel so good about where I am right now, and even more confident about where I could be this time next year.

That’s really what it’s all about. Respecting the past, enjoying the present and looking to the future.

And on that note, here’s my green stuff.

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