I changed my brand name, yep. I just decided, f*ck it. Let’s do it. And I took that leap.


That was quick, wasn’t it?

I posted my thoughts on changing it only two days ago and yesterday I just decided, f*ck it. Let’s do it. And I took that leap.

I started the process of changing my social media names and getting it all sorted. I think I’ve done it all. The only annoyance was getting a new email to suit my website name. Not a biggie, because the old email was pretty fresh and hadn’t had a huge amount of use.

So what do you think? Those of you who knew me before, would know that the name was Ice Maiden Designs and is now, obviously, Amy Lou Illustrations.

That’s ma name, don’t wear it out.

Why did I change it? Why does anyone change their brand name?

Well, I guess when you realise your priorities. When you discover what you want to do and where you want to take your brand. Your brand is your clothing. Your badge. The big flashing sign above your head that says ‘this is what I do, and who I am’. It makes all the difference to get it right.

It needs to be right for YOU but also right for potential CLIENTS, because they need to see clearly what you’re offering.

Initially, when I launched this website, I had planned to just do graphic design. So banners, book covers, logos etc. I’ve done that for longer than digital art, but art has always been a big part of my life. I hadn’t done it much for a long time. For the past three/four years, I’d focused on my writing and published two books (as I mentioned in a previous post) and then, not long after I became pregnant with my son (who is now five months and I can’t believe it has gone so fast AHHHHH), I took to drawing again. It’s been so fun getting back into it.

I’ve always liked the idea of illustrating children’s books, and designing cover art, but it’s only since picking art up again that I want to take that idea and make it reality. So, here I am. I’ve been doodling and having fun, and the website which was once for book covers and graphics only, is now all about illustrations, with graphics as a side meal.

So Ice Maiden Designs wasn’t quite working for me. I like it when illustrators, designers, artists etc. use their own name for their website and brand. It always looks professional and bespoke to me. What about you?

If you’re starting a business, freelance or otherwise, and can’t come up with a name, don’t worry. Just bear in mind what I did.

What are you doing?

Who are you doing it for?

Where do you want to be in the future with it?

It’s always good to consider what you love about it and what your goals are for it. I think that always helps. Make it easier to find by at least adding ‘designs’ ‘art’ or ‘illustrations’ somewhere in the title. That helps.

Remember my previous chant that I keep bugging you guys with?


*fist pumps air*



Forgot about that metal beam.



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