So, I’m thinking of changing my brand and website name…


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It’ s not that I don’t like what it is currently. Ice Maiden is a sort of personal sentiment that I’ve carried with me for a long time. It was my gamer name in high school. It’s been my profile username for years. I’m even nicknamed Ice. And writing this makes me think I shouldn’t change it. But I also want to have my own name on my brand. I don’t know.

I’m a bit confused.

AND IT’S SO FRUSTRATING! WHY do I do this to myself? WHY?

It’s not something I’m going to rush. I just know that it’s one of those decisions that all freelance artists and designers have to make. Do I use my own name for my brand, or a ‘new me’ name, or business name? Which is better?

It depends on you, your plans and how you want to represent yourself. I want my brand to say ‘personal touch’ and ‘one-man-band’. Because that’s who I am. I’m one gal, who loves to draw and loves it even better when I earn money doing so.

I asked friends to pick out of a selection of names just to see which ones they preferred. There were three favourites. And I’ve chosen one but changed it slightly. It also helps to Google the names first and see if anyone else has it. It’s not a big deal if they do, but if you don’t want a topless model or a rival artist to appear in the same search as your name, then you may want to rethink your title.



I’m just giving a heads up out there to whoever is listening that it is a possible maybe. It’s annoying because I’ll have to change my name on lots of social media accounts, and probably my email too. So it’s something that I’ll have to seriously consider. Maybe talk more to friends who can give me an honest opinion on the matter.

What about you? Are you having this dilemma? Have you had it? What did you decide and why?

If you’ve nosied through my website, what do you think about my name change? Would it benefit me? Would I seem more approachable yet still professional? Or even MORE professional?


Hey, I see a lot of people are liking my posts. THANK YOU! Please add to my warm fuzzy belly feelings and comment every once in a while. Before I start to think you’re all robots.

3 thoughts on “So, I’m thinking of changing my brand and website name…

  1. This happens to me too.. Rather it keeps on happening. My blog has a desi word which I feel many don’t relate to, but then I remember why I chose it anyway.

    So decide well beforehand! πŸ™‚


    1. Hey Aisha!

      I don’t think it matters if people can’t pronounce the word or they don’t get the title (they can just Google it–which I did and discovered Jhalli means ‘crazy’ hahaha, but you wrote the meaning too so that’s absolutely fine).As long as you’re happy with it and what it means. It obviously has to relate to what your blog/website is about. Your blog is really pretty BTW. I had a snoop round πŸ˜›

      And I decided and have changed it my brand name. I’m happy with the decision though it meant changing my social media names everywhere. Will write a post on it shortly. Thanks for stopping by!

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      1. Thank you! Yes I do relate to crazy very well!! And glad you went ahead with your decision.πŸ‘


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