Colour Challenge Update – April – Yellow


So, I’ve made the sudden but I believe RIGHT decision–to speed up the colour challenge process. In fact, since a few days ago, I’ve gone off the colour wagon, posting pictures with several different colours that are NOT yellow. And the universe is still here. How about that?

What’s my reason for not sticking to my monthly challenge? Well, I borrowed the colour challenge idea from Gabriel Picolo, and whilst it is a wonderful idea, it has several flaws for someone like me, but not for someone like him. And what may they be?

He has a shit load of followers. I do not.  It made my profile confusing, but made his look beautiful. Plus, I get bored easily, whereas he managed to do a beautiful ink doodle every day for a whole year without fail.

Hmm, yeah.

What really made my decision for me was when my sister, who kindly gave me her advice on my profile, observed something that I hadn’t. Which is that, when people go to view my Instagram page–despite that it is looking rather lovely and professional now (if I do say so myself)–it was all in one colour for as far as a person would care to scroll. They might assume that I only know or care to draw in one colour and that’s well–boring.

And that’s another potential follower in the dust.

That’s a good point, I told her, but I argued that I had a reason for the colour challenge: to learn about colour and study it, to make the profile look pretty and sort of unified in their pretty colour groups. I then went on to show her Picolo’s Instagram page and she said, she understood and it is lovely. But how many followers does he have? I showed her and she said, he has a lot. And people can understand what he’s doing because they’re following him through the process. And because of his large following, newcomers will be quick to learn what he’s doing. And also, he doesn’t have a large amount of pieces in each colour. He has about nine or ten on average in one colour, before he moved onto the next.

So for the quick scroller, they can easily see the pattern of colour and guess for themselves what he’s doing. With mine, you can’t.

That’s another good point, I said. And the cogs in my head began to turn.

I suggested that I could reduce the amount of time I’m working on a particular colour to a week or two instead of monthly. She agreed, but also suggested that I could do it on a particular day, or every few days and use the other days to play around with whatever colours I want. I liked that idea too. So now I’m just doing whatever colours I want, but also remembering to draw pieces using the main colours I planned to use, which is pretty close to her second suggestion of mixing it up.

And just to add: the reason I need to do so many drawings so often is because I lose followers if I don’t post for three days or more. He may do too but at 300k+ followers, you wouldn’t notice. At 300 followers or less, it’s a bit more obvious.

So far in my colour challenge I’ve done red, orange and yellow, so now GREEN is on the agenda this week.

Which brings me to the big question of WHAT HAPPENS TO MY COLOUR CHALLENGE NOW? Is it gone? Has it died away and crumbled to dust, disappearing with the passing wind.

No. Not quite. It’s merely been sped up, chopped into pieces and not taken so seriously.

If there ever comes a time I gain a substantial amount of followers, I may pursue it again and with more restraint on the number of pieces. I mean, at least keep the numbers fairly even. I had a good amount of red, barely any orange, and way too much yellow.

BUTTTTTTTTTTTT, on another plus side–because understanding the flaws in your Instagram profile gallery is a plus side, and thanks to that insight, I gain several followers per drawing on average now–I’ve also learnt more about my style, what I want to do, and how I want to express myself publicly.

I talked previously about finding yourself and why it’s not a big deal how many followers you have, just as long as you discover what your niche is through fun and continuous drawing, without the stress of worrying what others think. This isn’t me changing my mind. When I wrote that, I was still uncertain what to draw and what my niche or theme should be. Everyone needs a theme for their profile, so that their followers know what to expect. And every now and again it’s okay to show something different. For example, I draw pretty architecture now with my Cat Traveller (a black cat that is travelling the world) and that came as a happy accident.

I also draw moments in life that people can relate to, family stuff, love, relationships, sad things too. Things that tell a story. I’m fascinated by that. And people respond to it because they can relate to it.

BUT, I may decide to do some fanart of Game of Thrones (or Studio Ghibli…)

…or superheroes, or something more adult and darker. It’s fine to OCCASIONALLY show something different. Your followers might love it and be happy and surprised to see something different. They might not. Who cares though?

And stop worrying that someone you know has way more followers than you, even though you secretly think their work is crap and can’t for the life of you understand why they’re doing ‘better’ than you. Sometimes, regardless of actual talent or originality, people get more notice because their work is popular. I spoke about popularity in a previous post. That’s not to say your different and currently ‘not hip’ style won’t become more appreciated and popular later on. Just keep doing what you’re doing, improving, practicing, learning, developing, testing and LOVING what you do. That’s what matters.

This goes out to all people, not just artists of the digital and traditional canvassy world.


Now leave me alone so I can devour this chocolate cake I made. Yes, I’m a woman of many talents. Deal with it.


Nom nom nom.



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