Writer Types: The grazer, the binger, the consistent diner, the nibbler


Image credit: Pascal Campion

What are the meaning of the writer types above?


Is someone who regularly writes, and fairly consistently, but does it in smaller, more manageable batches. half an hour here, and hour there. They basically snack throughout the day, rather than have big meals.


They probably only write once a week at weekends, so when their time is there, they start from six in the morning until six at night or something not quite as a mad, but still rough. They want to squeeze all the hours they couldn’t write that week into those few hours they can.


A bit like the grazer in that they have regular meals, but they’re usually more set with their times. How long they work, how many words they want to write up each day before they can say they’ve reached their targets. They’re more organised, and write regardless of how they feel. It’s good for meeting deadlines, but not so good for creative juices.


Which is me. Someone who still loves to write as much as the serious folk, but does it once in a while and usually in small sessions.

Which are you?

I was just thinking of this randomly because my writing style has gone from one to the other. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten stuck into a novel, but I was once the writer who wrote regularly and with vigor. I guess I binged but usually grazed. I could go hours on a piece. And I could still do it again the next day. I wasn’t always consistent and had periods of rest. I didn’t do X number of words a day or a week. I was never like that.

But now I will suddenly get the urge to write, an idea will come to me or something, and I’ll just start and I’ll maybe write for an hour, stop. And then not write for a month. That makes me the nibbler. I’ll nibble on a story a little bit, and then leave it to rest for a few weeks, a month. It’s perhaps down to the fact I’ve become obsessed with art again, but my love for writing hasn’t diminished or been replaced. I’ve just not got that pressure or need to rush.

Does it matter? No, not really. In whatever hobby, passion you live for, it should always be about what works for you, at that moment in time. You shouldn’t force it, just to please other people. I have two books completed in what was supposed to be a trilogy, and after about two years since I published book two, I still have no idea what I want to happen in book three. I may just scrap the whole idea. I was tempted to take my books down off of Amazon, at least until I could be bothered to go through them. Because looking back, I know the first book has plotline errors. Situations I want to change because I think they’re a bit ridiculous now.

This is all thanks to a negative review I found on Amazon. It was pretty fair, I’m ashamed to say. It’s not nice to get a bad review, but it’s even worse when they’re right.

I’m not sure if I should go back and rework book one, or just leave it as it is. Do I dig up the past, or do I look to the future? What’s the point in turning back?

Those books were self-published and while I don’t regret doing it because I learnt so much, I don’t plan on doing it again. Self-publishing has been great for many of my author friends, who have great success stories. But it wasn’t for me. Simply because I’m easily distracted by my other hobbies and passions, and simply because I don’t have the money to promote, or the time, or the desire. I’m a writer, not a promoter. I’ve done it for my own books, and for other authors. It’s not for me. Not unless I’m getting paid a decent amount for doing it. Which I wasn’t. My books were hardly selling. I was lucky to sell two a month.

So, I’m still on the fence about revisiting old books, which is maybe hindering my desire to write. I have three unfinished works waiting to be completed. I have one novel that has my own personal record for the longest unfinished story yet. Going on nine years. Yup. And it has changed several times, though the beginning scene has remained the same. I’d be happy to get that one finished and off my hands. Though it is ironic that I set a portion of it in Syria, and now–yeah–war and stuff is kinda ruining that for me. So that just shows you how long that’s been unfinished for, doesn’t it?

Anyhoo, enough of that shizzle. You see the artwork above? I wish I could say it is mine, but alas, it is not. It’s by the incredibly talented, French artist and family man, Pascal Campion. I love his style so much. Check him out.

I’ll be talking about my colour challenge that I’ve been doing since February. I have some news about why I’m cutting that short. That’ll all be in my next post.

Enjoy your week, silent readers.

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