Colour Challenge Update – March : Orange


And she’s back to talk about month two in her colour challenge journey. To sum up.


Why? Because I barely got anything done.

Thanks to one kid with the plague, which was then passed onto me and followed by countless other hurdles, I didn’t get to do as much art as I’d like. I even had a piece of art planned to mark the start of Spring, which is a big deal in my family’s culture. It’s their New Year. And I still have the image half-finished, sitting on this laptop. Because for two weeks I’ve been nursing my daughter, and then myself, back to health. I’m still hacking up lung meat. It’s unfair when something stops you from doing what you love.

Apart from that, how did it go? Well. Not bad. I did learn a few things about colour this month. I tend to overthink how colour works and it made me make mistakes. I want to get into a position where I can time myself for thirty mins, without making loads of errors that add to my time, and at the end of it, create something beautiful, if unfinished.

For traditional media, I was going to spend this month playing with markers, Sharpies in particular, because they’re hard to use, especially when you don’t have fleshtone pens. I recently bought some from Crayola. I can’t afford Copic markers. Even less so when I would only use them once in a while, not daily. Anyway to cut that long story short, I didn’t do the Sharpie challenge. I barely did the digital challenge, though I am quite pleased with how some of my art turned out. Orange is a nice colour to work with. I sometimes forgot that orange sets a warming mood usually, so I need to be careful when and where I use it.

My daughter is off school for Easter, and won’t be back until the 11th, so I won’t be doing much until then, I don’t think. I have several commissions that I want to get finished before then. I know, COMMISSIONS. Who’d have thought it. But there we are.

So next month for April we will be doing YELLOW. And I plan to get at least TEN PIECES done. I’m not setting a goal with traditional media this month. I would like to do some more marker/ink work. I liked the visual song lyric pieces I did for red month. Give me some more of that. I suck at line art, and my dream is to be up there with Gabriel Picolo.

Those are mine.



365-Days-Of-Doodles-Gabriel-Picolo-34 JLSOobI


And those are his. I mean. Yeah. It’s embarrassing putting my work next to his.

I also need a better camera. My camera phone was smashed, thanks to a car driving over it. Don’t ask.

So those photos were taken by my not-so-hot tablet camera. I need to take better pics like Picolo has. Though to be fair, his earlier camera work was terrible. He learnt, and so will I.

Right, that’s it for now. Until next month. The month of YELLOW.



*runs naked into ocean*


*runs back out*

*dives into blankets*


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