#SKETCHFIT Challenge : Get Fit, Win a Sketchbook? Of Course I’m in!


*artwork credit to Ahmed Aldoori*

I love it when artists have giveaways. It gives you that warm, fluttery feeling in your stomach. Usually to win the prize, you need to tag people, write a little comment, repost a pic, and a winner is chosen at random. But Ahmed Aldoori–concept artist, and a wonderful one at that–had other plans.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the challenge started (longer than this blog has been born) and about 200 people that I know of are joining in the challenge.

Medders (Ahmed Aldoori) is asking his fans to get fit, and win a sketchbook! He set up a forum on his website, and asked people to post before and after pics, and fans have really got into the spirit. There’s video updates, food pics, motivational speeches, sketches galore over there. And I’ve made some great friends already.

It’s one way to combine your love for art, with your need to lose those extra pounds. And after having my second baby, I definitely have extras. So I hopped along.

It’s only been three months since I gave birth so I know to take it slow. Things have tried to get in my way, like a late-blooming wisdom tooth deciding to push through and give me awful jaw ache, my daughter with a stomach bug which I now have, my baby son teething, gallstones/gall bladder attack, my own mental and physical weaknesses. It’s all been at me these three–four–weeks. But I’m determined to keep at it.

The challenge ends in May, and my goal is to fit into a pair of jeans I posted a video of in the forum. NO YOU CAN’T VIEW IT BECAUSE IT IS DIRE AND I HATE VIDEOS OF MYSELF SO BLAH.

Instead, you can look at his video all about it…

Even if I don’t win the sketchbook, or the ten runner up prizes (one drawing each), it has helped me to get involved and motivated. I’ve made new friends and it’s so fun.

Check out Ahmed’s Youtube (where I first discovered him). He’s also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Snapchat and goblins know where else. Oh and here’s his website again: www.ahmedaldoori.com

If he ever does another fitness challenge, I recommend you come along. Bring your sweats and a whole can of F*CK YOU, FAT.

*Eye of the Tiger blares out*

*throws punches*

*pulls muscle*


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