Colour Challenge Update – February : Red

fiery redcc

*This post was originally published on my Deviantart last month*

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention–

–I’ve challenged myself to a colour challenge in my arty world. Read more about it here. This is a journal update of what I learnt last month in the red challenge.


So the month of red and romance is coming to an end and I’ve learnt a lot already. First thing being that I have A LOT to learn.

I spent this month focusing not only on producing artwork with a focal/dominant red, I also focused on colour theory and light. How different coloured lights effect the environment and subject. Obviously, I couldn’t delve too much into it because I was trying to keep things red as much as I could but that in itself taught me a lot because I needed to restrict myself.

I also did a fair bit of traditional art and my media was a mix of charcoal and rollerball pens. That was fun and easier for me.

Even though I’m not happy with how my red month gallery looks, it’s helped me to see what art I want to do and where I want to go from here.

I also know that this colour challenge won’t just be about learning how to use colour, it’ll be about all the fundamentals of art, such as light, colour, composition, balance, weight, value, gesture, figure drawing, line art, line of action and direction and whatever else I want to learn. I’ll also be using different media for my traditional art challenges each month. Watercolours, acrylic paints, pastels, charcoal, chalk, ink, markers and  Sharpies and whatever else I find lying around!

For March, the orange month, I’m going to be focusing on orange (obviously) but also composition. And I’ll be playing with Sharpies and maybe some Crayola markers. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep more of a theme than last month so my Instagram gallery will look nicer!!

Join me on Instagram (icemaidenArt) and join in the colour challenge too if you’d like. I have to thank the wonderful artist Picolo for inspiring me with the colour challenge idea. It’s a great way to test your skills and learn from your mistakes.

I have a few more days to add some more red artwork and then I’m straight onto orange! See you on the other side!

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