Colour Challenge for Artists – Set Yourself a Goal!

Hey folks! Since February I’ve set myself a colour challenge. What is a CC? Well, each month up until September, I’ve picked a colour to use as my dominant colour for all art done within that month.

colour palette months

The purpose of it is to train myself to work with different colours and see what I learn, where my weaknesses are, and hopefully make some improvement by the end of it.

Last month was the month of red. Love, passion, blood, anger. Whatever I felt like. But to be honest, I’m not happy with how that turned out. The drawings I did were…meh. I didn’t quite grasp the colour palette concept. What I mean by that is this month, now ORANGE, I decided to make things easier for myself by making a palette for each drawing before I start. Like this…


See those blobs of paint? They’re mostly from the orange palette. I did occasionally move out of the palette, which is fine because the main colour is used from orange which is what I’m trying to do. And that is what these next six (now) months are all about.

Artists of all kinds, in fact ANYONE, should set themselves goals and challenges. Something to get them out of their comfort zone. It’s not always pleasant, but you learn from mistakes. I’ve learnt a lot from my RED month and I’m going to take that moving forward. In another post, I’ll share my journal entry on my Deviantart during my RED month challenge. Sorry if some of it seems like a repeat of my previous post.

My advice to all artists out there: set yourself a challenge, get stuck in. If you make mistakes, so what? If you don’t like your work, who cares? The important thing is, have you learnt something?

Just a heads up, seeing as I’m moving my old blog over here, most of the old content on there is going to be posted here every so often, and mix with new content. I did have lots of book reviews, but I’ve decided not to post my reviews on my blog anymore because it’s so time consuming. All my book reviews will be on my Goodreads page from now on.

If you want to join me in the colour challenge, it’s not too late. Feel free to share your colour challenge artwork beneath this post in the comments. Don’t overdo it though. No one likes a spammer.

Until next time.

*slaps on helmet*

*propels self from a catapult*



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