Finding Your Passion and Staying True to it


*image credit to Gabriel Picolo (@_picolo)

Well, a new blog and a new start. It’s like opening a brand new sketchbook and promising yourself you won’t fill it full of crap. You usually do, but let’s hope this blog stays awesome, and each blog post is awesome and…Well, I’m doing a bad job of that already, aren’t I?

So, for those of you who aren’t familiar with my previous two blogs, I have blogged before–obviously–and I’ve always loved it. I love writing. I’ve written these two books *points down*


And I’m proud of them, though I have learnt a lot since writing them both so there’s always that looking-back-cringy feeling you get, which stops you from wanting to read those past books you’ve written where there’s undoubtedly more mistakes than you’d care to remember.


Just popped over to Amazon to get the links and saw an unpleasant review lurking. It’s spot on, because my writing wasn’t that great then. The sad thing is it’s about the first book which put her off reading the second, and I know the second book is better, so I may go back and rework them both. If and when I can be arsed.

Back to the point, why am I starting a new blog? Well, firstly, it’s convenient because this is now my only website. I’m not bothered to have a separate site for my author alter ego and artist alter ego, and then be uncertain as to where to talk about everything in between. Like kids, yoga, that interesting smoothie I made the other day, or why I really don’t like people who talk on the phone so loud that by the end of it you know their life-story without wanting to THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

So I wanted to find somewhere that’s my nook, my personal space and f*ck all who say that this blog has no ‘theme’. It’s me, it’s mine, and it’s whatever I care to talk about. Because unlike a lot of people, I can’t talk about just one topic, or ‘theme’. I have a wide range of loves and passions–parenting, art, FOOD, fashion, books, writing, FOOD, movies, wrestling, culture, did I mention FOOD?–and I want to talk about ALL of them DAMN IT.

So I’m taking the plunge and just writing whatever the f*ck I wanna talk about. I may even stop censoring the F-word. I’m just doing it ‘cos I like to draw a lot of children’s illustrations, so, yeah, kinda looks bad if I ever land a job in that area. But I’m sure that children’s book illustrators swear more than most. Shush.

As well as writing ‘what the f*ck I want’, I’ll write it WHEN I want because I’ve done the whole scheduled blog posts and meeting deadlines and it sucks all the fun out of it. Big time. If you don’t set a schedule, you find it just sorta happens.

And having a set theme, like a cooking/fashion/insert passion here blog is just not my bag. This is just MY BLOG. And no one will read it. I’m sure I’m just yelling into the interweb universe and the voice talking back to me is just my echo because everyone has gone. But maybe, just maybe, someone is listening–reading–what I’m putting down and it’ll help them. If you are out there, wave. Please. It’s so cold and lonely here. And bring doughnuts.

Right, now you’ve discovered this blog is being run by a mad woman–MUAHAHAHAHAHA–let’s get on with the topic of this post.

*glances at title*

*cracks knuckles*

*gulps down hot chocolate*

*curses because it’s hot*

Right, so you are maybe in my situation, or have been, or will be–because there’s no rule to what feelings and negativity comes or when it comes. It comes and goes as it pleases. Like your ungrateful teenager when they want money, or a car, or a lung. I’m not old enough to have a teenager. Just so’s ya know.

When you’re doing, for example, an Instagram page, you do it because you have something you want to share. A visual blog of images. I have one. And I use it for my art and I’ve been trying to come up with a ‘style’ and a ‘theme’. What that is, I still don’t know. And after talking with a friend (Mac over at her wonderful motivational, parenthood, positive thinking blog Reflections from Me) about it, I’ve decided… I DON’T CARE!!!!



What’s so bad about NOT having a theme? Well, if we’re looking at both sides here–because people might not know what your page is about. If your profile description isn’t helpful, that adds to the confusion, but it’s the pics that seal the deal as to the AH YES, THIS IS WHAT THIS PAGE IS ABOUT, I MUST FOLLOW IT. If you want followers, you’ve gotta provide great, interesting, UNIQUE content with an obvious theme and style and point. Such as: this page is about fashion, this page is about watercolour art, this guy does ink drawings of pigeons wearing skulls, this girl makes miniature castles out of chocolate fingers. Followers follow because they like what you give them, and because they have some idea of what to expect from you.

I don’t know if I do that. But like I said before…*takes deep breath*


Why? Because it’s not important. Followers are lovely, but they’re not EVERYTHING. Until I’m comfortable in myself, it doesn’t matter. And I won’t be rushed. I hate being rushed and pressured when there’s really no need.

The most important thing to remember whenever venturing out into wild is to do something you love and remember why you love it, and NEVER FORGET IT. Never let other people taint what you started out for. If you’re focusing on ‘Oh, I only have 100 followers and this guy has 100k and he’s been on Instagram for as long as me,’ then you’ll never be happy. And you’ll never reach that number anyway, because he did it for one–or more–of these reasons:





Let’s ignore that last line because that’s just cheating and we don’t like cheaters, because they’re arseholes.

If you do what you love, it will SHOW in your work, and people will see it and feel it when they see your pictures. It’ll make them feel all warm and gooey inside and THAT’S WHEN YOU KNOW YOU’VE GOT THEM BY THE YOU KNOW WHATS.

 If you have a clear passion–basically if you’ve done trial and error and found your niche and what you like to do, like fantasy art, comics, yoga vids, theatrical makeup–then you can carry it on and get better and better. And people love watching someone’s journey as they get better and better. It makes them feel good and motivates them to be just like you. You become their inspiration.

“Popular” is relative and kinda annoying. Art wise, we’re talking manga, pretty, fantasy, portraits. The pretty art of stunningly beautiful women that have that feline edge. Landscape art, concept art, classic art aren’t that popular, but that doesn’t make them any less worthy or wonderful. Instagram is populated by the youth. Young people are dumb. Har har. You shouldn’t care what is popular. You should care what YOU like. And maybe you’ll reach the hearts of so many people that your style becomes popular too. Like I said, it’s relative and is all about what goes viral. Trends don’t last. Your happiness SHOULD.

When you have something you love, don’t let it get hurt by outside influences. It’s easier said than done and I have and STILL do fall into that pit of misery from time-to-time, but it WILL get easier to avoid it if you know what to look out for.

Enjoy what you do! Write that Romance Horror/Steampunk, draw that mutant creature thingy, sing that song in screechy high notes. Do what you love, and love what you do.


*drops mic*

*glides out on rollerblades*


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